Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A New Direction for This Blog

Since I started this blog in January, it has been a lot of fun to interview and collaborate with many great artists from around the globe. I want to thank them for sharing their creative wisdom. But in view of my renewed professional interest in art licensing after I walked both the Surtex and the Expo shows (see my earlier editorial on both shows), I have decided to chronicle my adventures into this complex field and make this a blog for art licensing only.

For those dedicated followers interested in illustration, including children's illustration, I have just launched a new blog called Tales for Creative Minds. Some of the earlier posts have been moved to this new blog, which will continue with more fantastic interviews and editorials about talented artists and illustrators.

And finally, for those who love folk art, arts & crafts, and other types of decorative arts and creative pursuits, I am now hosting a new blog called A Basket of Hearts, where I will share handmade crafts and projects as well as other creative work. You're all invited to participate!

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