Friday, May 18, 2012

The Surtex Show 2012!

Well, it's 2 days until show time! Surtex 2012 begins on Sunday. This will be my last post until after the show, but I will try to tweet thoughts and impressions from the floor. You can follow them at #MoonFromMyAttic.

Best of luck to everyone on having a successful show!

My Surtex Press Kits

My Surtex press kits

My Spoonflower fabric and promo piece

Sample swatch attached to promo piece

My mini tearsheet matching my collection tearsheet

My business card and "bird" clip matching collection theme

The back of the my press kit

25 press kits ready for placement in the Surtex press room!

  My Surtex Portfolio Collection Sample
How I Did it

My hand painted artwork

My artwork manipulated in PS and put into repeats,
with coordinates and into final collection + product mockups
My design binder for presentation to manufacturers

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Below are promotional Surtex images
from all previously featured artists:

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