Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Moon from My Attic, An Art Licensing Chronicle: a Recap of 2012 and Happy 2013!!

This has been an amazing year full of new work, adventures and friendships - we interviewed many talented emerging and established artists and published some 131 editorials all together. We also expanded our reach to renowned manufacturers to help illustrate how licensing works from their end. Your collaboration has been extraordinary and so inspiring - we have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and we want to thank you all for your tireless contributions and help in return!!

As far as licensing goes, we also had an unforgettable all started last year around this time with a colorful new website and a small portfolio with a few collections on rough tearsheets, which expanded to over 40 collections on new tearsheets created exclusively for the Surtex 2012 show, and most recently receiving several good contracts as well as new companies interested in our work. We couldn't have asked for more!

This fall, in preparation for an even more productive 2013 we also opened up Spoonflower and Etsy online shops under the title of Studio•Alex, which is now officially the new brand name I'll be licensing under and show at Surtex 2013!

Also, we expanded our social media networking to Twitter, FB Page and G+/Community so we can further help promote my and your work. Our sincerest thanks to the many of you who have sent us beautiful prints of your art or published my interviews and artwork on your own blogs.

And finally, it has been a tremendously gratifying experience to write and edit this blog. We hope for you, like us, it has become a place where artists can share their stories and their work and help build and promote the community of artists and manufacturers in this field. Every posting on the blog is read by literally hundreds of people - in celebration of the year just completed, here is a special shout-out to the top 10 most-read posts from 2012:

Here's to an even more successful 2013!!! 


Tara Reed said...

Wow Alex! I'm tired just reading about all you are doing - you go girl! Here's to an amazing 2013 and new adventures!


Unknown said...

Thank you Tara!! Am learning from the pros like you :). To a fantastic 2013! - Alex

Tootseepop said...

Here's to a wonderfully creative, productive and successful 2013 for all of us! Looking forward to a year which promises to be filled with big excitement and big rewards and big fun!!!! :-)

Tootseepop said...

I'm so delighted to see that my article was #1 of the top ten most read posts on The Moon from My Attic! Thanks for posting it Alex! What a nice honor! Hopefully it will continue to be helpful to other artists on their searches for an agent.

What I thought was the end of my search turned out not to be the end at all, but just a brief detour to a new beginning. I must say that it was a magnificent gift to be able to have the ability to  choose once again among options which were not available to me when first I chose.  Sometimes life just works, and gives you a most wonderful and welcome "do over"!  Yay! 

Unknown said...

Alex, Thank you for all your wonderful contributions to art licensing. You have been a great resource for a newbie like me. Here's a toast, to a growing community of artist sharing and embracing one another, to greater success and fulfillment, friendships and spreading much love through imagery. Cheers!

Natalie Timmons said...

Kudos on all of your accomplishments! You have much to be proud of and are an amazing role model for us all. Thank you so much for all that you bring to the art licensing industry. Your generous and collaborative spirit shines through in everything you do.

kat mcd. said...

Thanks, Alex, for a year of inspiration and information! Here's to a great New Year!