Monday, June 9, 2014

The Moon from My Attic - Upcoming Articles and Interviews

We are going to take a short break for some R&R and to prepare for the "new year's" (from Surtex to Surtex) articles and interviews - we'll be back in a few weeks with a full editorial on the Expo Licensing show, a special and inspiring artist interview, and several amazing editorials from the world of manufacturers.

So stay tuned and in the meantime we want to wish everyone a wonderful and productive summer!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Surtex 2014 - Our Artist Community

As I juggle after show follow-ups with art submissions and new art requests, is fun to write articles for this community and allow some creative breaks. It's a good thing that I enjoy writing as much as I like creating art!

Paul, Martha and I at the show
I am also delighted to hang around with wonderful and inspiring people and artists. This Surtex has been very fun and we had such a wonderful time with many artists and friends: Cathy Heck and her family, Ronnie Walter, Stephanie Ryan, Sue Zipkin, Paul Brent and our new but unforgettable corner booth neighbors Martha Collins and her sister Betsy, Gina Martin and Kelly Portfolio.

Many other amazing artists and friends came by to say hi or to doodle. I apologize for not taking a picture or spending enough time with you all but I want to thank you for stopping by and connecting up with us!


It's my advice to newbies and veterans to read up on more than just one or two after-show posts as it helps understand more about the show from different perspectives. I tried to capture all of them below (posted in random sequence), however there are so many that I am sure I missed some - not out of dislike, just lack of time to search for all of them.

by Josephine Kimberling
Surtex 2014, Year 4

by Cathy Heck
Surtex 2014, Part 1: Stitching Up a Booth

by Ming Platt
Surtex 2014 - A Recap of My Experience

by Tammie Bennett
a (baker's) dozen observations from a SURTEX first timer

by Rachelle Panagarry
Surtex - what an adventure

by Kaitlin Goodey
Surtex Follow Up

by Rebecca Baer
Surtex | Art Licensing

by Valerie Hart
SURTEX 2014 RECAP - a dream come true!

by Leah Hoelsher
Surtex 2014: Return of the Backpacker

by Victoria Johnson Surtex - jumping off a cliff with a well-constructed parachute!

by Kim Moulder
I Did It! My Rirst SURTEX Experience. {part one}

by Sarah Ehlinger
How to Succeed at Surtex - 5 Great Tips for a Smashing Debut

by Rachel Gresham
Surtex 2014

by Bari Ackerman
Surtex re-cap, Part Two: What I've learned

by Meganhain
surtex year 2: on a thing called "luck"


This year we again provided a doodle board in our booth for visiting artists. What a fun and beautiful parade! Some really felt the pressure of creating a doodle right then and there but I think that, despite it all, they did a fab job. A special thank you goes out to Kim Hawes, the brave starter of the 2014 board!

This year we had the idea of providing 3 colors for our Doodle Board to make the artwork more lively and fun! Hopefully, we captured all the names of those who left a cute doodle on our board, but if I missed anyone, please contact me right away and I will add you to the list.

Cathy Heck & Julianne Heck -
Ellen Heck -
Ronnie Walter -
Martha Collins -
Sue Zipkin -
Beth Logan -
Sharyn Sowell -
Ming Platt -
Stephanie Ryan -
Kathleen Francour -
Shell Rummel -
Rose Mary Berlin -
Cherish Flieder -
Brenda Manley -
Mirdinara -
Madart -
Dariana Cruz -
Monna Morton -
Debbie Taylor-Kernan -
Feng Liang Design -
Kim Gunn -
Kim Hawes -
Machi Tantillo -
Mary Gartner -
Madeline Faiella -
Sarah Hudock -
Jenny Morgan -
Miriam Bos -
Pim Pimlada -
Karen Beers - no website yet
Frances Tyrrell -
Corinne Haig -
Jennifer Paganelli -
Farida Zaman -
Murphy’s Musings -
Danilo Machuca -
Oksana Danziger -
Jan Carlson -
Pauline Grayson -
Bakula Nayak -
Sarah Frederking -
Cathy Hunt -
Ann Troe -
Zakiaz -
Seton McGlennon -