Monday, September 1, 2014

A Market Place for Independent Design -

This has been a wild, wild week, so many different things have happened, some not so pleasant but mostly fun and positive. One of them involves some of my artwork for the Japanese market. More to come on that soon!

© 2013 Alessandra Colombo

The other cool happening was to find out more about another great community of creatives. Their work is not only fun and fresh, but I like their approach to their online business with a large platform of opportunities they offer to both new and veteran artists and their clients, too. I am talking about!

Their purpose is, and I quote, "to uncover exceptional design from all over the world and bring this to savvy consumers who won't accept anything else."

They host a series of contests and other fun opportunities. They have a lot of great items for just about everyone - wedding invitations, business cards, Valentine's gifts, art and much more. They also have an adorable page for Baby Announcements!

© Griffinbell Paper Co. for - Card

© Lori Wemple for - Card

And here is the scoop: designers receive a commission on their sales. To become featured on Minted, the artists go through a "Design Challenge." Basically, as long as the community at large and the customers like a design, it stays featured on Minted. For more detailed information, you can check out This should answer most questions regarding their designer relationships.

© Snow & Ivy for - Journal Cover

What else? If you are up for a trendy and inspirational art challenge you might want to consider this one, a fabulous Minted and West Elm partnership! Their prizes are also fabulous. There are cash awards for the top 20 place finishers, as well as special West Elm and Editor's Picks awards! All winning designs will receive a commission on top of the cash prize, too!

© Susie Allen for - Journal Cover

Find out more about Minted at and You can also follow them on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter!