Monday, December 1, 2014

50 Markets of Illustration - by Illustrator and Author John Roman

I have recently started to create some exclusive artwork for the fabulous Minted online shop and my first challenge was met by a very unexpected but pleasant surprise - I was awarded one of the Editor's picks! My artwork can be purchased here.

© 2014 Alessandra Colombo - Geometric Blues

My guest today is John Roman, an illustrator, author and educator at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston for the past 22 years. John has also written a very informative illustrated eBook called 50 Markets of Illustration, which will be launched in a special event by The Norman Rockwell Museum on January 31st, 2015.

I am thankful to John for featuring one of my licensed images in his book!

Ocean Dream - © Alessandra Colombo

John is interested in illustrated maps of all types and technical topics such as linear perspective drawing. He is inspired by the honor and challenge of being a “professional” artist.

© John Roman

More about John:

YOU REALLY LOVE: Being self-employed and succeeding at it.

YOU DON'T REALLY LIKE: Any artist who disrespects (in any way) the work of any other artist.

A FAVORITE SOMETHING: Combining my art with my writing. It completes the whole package.

© John Roman

A SUCCESSFUL EVENT IN YOUR LIFE: Any time my work is accepted into a national show.

A FUN MEMORY: Having the enormous good fortune to have been assigned to be roommates with poet Robert Bly at one of his weekend conferences!

YOUR CONTRIBUTE TO THE WORLD: My work and mentoring as a teacher and educator.

© John Roman


SOMETHING HELPFUL TO ANOTHER ARTIST: Be “yourself” with your art. Unique. Original. True to your own visions...and don’t stoop to following any other artist’s path by copying or mimicking his/her technique or style.

Find out more about John Roman and his work here:

© John Roman