Sunday, April 19, 2015

Anything can happen in art licensing - Keka Home Corporation Alert

Anything can happen in the arena of art licensing and for sure, recently it did!

Unfortunately this is a story that I wish didn't have to be shared but it's important that it be circulated as soon as possible within the art community to alert all designers involved.

A couple of days ago an email alerted me that Keka Home, also known as Kekacase, went out of business. The company used to be an on-demand company from San Francisco that made tech and home accessories. It listed hundreds of established and emerging artists and their artwork on a variety of products.

Many of the artists do not know, however, that the site has been shut down just a couple of days ago. The site posted this message:

There is also an FBI report claiming that Henry Lo, founder and Chief Financial Officer of Keka Home, has been sentenced to 70 months in prison for many offenses including fraud. Per data gathered, he's already started his prison term.

As mentioned above, feel free to share this post with other designers to alert them about the whole situation. Please do not contact me regarding this situation as I don't have additional information to give you at this stage. I will post on this blog any future updates when and if I get any.

If you are owed money by Keka Home, I can only suggest you consult with your own attorney on what to do next.

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