Monday, August 22, 2011

Art Licensing - What's Your Art About?

Art is an amazing way to express an idea or a concept - to me it is a form of  communication that has a potential to create certain emotions in the viewer, depending what the message is and on how well it is executed. The higher the quality of the art, both from an emotional and technical perspective, the better the resulting impact.

I've been asking other artists what their art was about. Here's what two of them had to say:

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"Ultimately, my art is about finding the kid that lives inside of us all, because the innocence of a child lives blissfully, full of freedom, and hope. I have realized that although we might not understand the "why" behind many real-world situations, just as a child might not understand many things that happen in life... ultimately we have to live onward, the happiest we can be. I want to empower, inspire and promote the joy of living here and now...just like how a child never hesitates to seize the day! I like to say "Artistry for blissful living."  Licensing Artist  Linda Tieu

"My art is about the ever-changing interactive dance between colors, shapes and themes which incite emotions that range from laughter to introspection. It is about self-expression, and the freedom of the unknown - freedom from thinking I know or can judge what the next creative moment holds. My art is the song of my deepest desire to surprise, cause to laugh, and deeply nourish myself and those who enjoy the flow of what my art offers. I'm profoundly touched when someone feels "fed" by the images that come through me."  Licensing Artist Lori Kirstein

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I'll keep posting a couple of answers every so often; I'd love to hear your comments and what you think as well!

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Unknown said...

My cartoons and character designs are about making people smile and on occasion think, especially children. Hopefully I'm throwing off some positive vibes as well. There's enough negative and dark "entertainment" especially for children.. I'd like to think I can offset that a bit.