Monday, November 21, 2011

Style, Theme and Technique in Art Licensing - Geometric Abstraction

It has been a while since I researched a style different from Whimsical and Folk Art or variations of them. As I work on pattern coordinates for my collections, I find that there are several good companions to floral and holiday themes. In fact, another popular and broad genre used by many in various styles is the Geometrics. I personally like them in many different ways but I adore the decorative ones like the ones you find in Art Deco for example. Imagine a Folky Geometric Deco...hmm, that's what I am going to try out next and see how it plays out!

According to the New Oxford American dictionary Geometric means: "(of a design) characterized by or decorated with regular lines and shapes." Geometric abstraction is also an interesting form of art and is present among many cultures throughout history both as decorative motifs and as art pieces themselves. 

© Stefan Page
Artist Stefan Page will illustrate today an art licensing modern take on geometrics, with a twist of folk and whimsy. 

Stefan has worked as a Surface and Pattern Designer for the past 13 years now, mainly focusing on abstracting geometric objects and turning them into something he calls "The Beautiful Mundane".  

He says it's a constant creative endeavor to turn every day objects such as simple shapes into something beautiful. This theme has played out his entire artistic career. 

Stefan says:" I got started as far back as my time in College where I was studying Experimental Painting. It wasn't until I left College that I found myself entirely unaware as to how to become a professional artist, so I quickly found illustration and surface design as a perfect outlet."

© Stefan page
He is not not really certain as to what style his art falls into. He tends to steer away from drawing perfect lines. "I like the idea of feeling like a child again when I'm drawing. Not caring so much about perfection but focusing more on the intent. So I'm dealing with a lot of themes based around gestural geometric abstraction," Stefan says.

In some ways Stefan is also trying to push "folk art" forward by still maintaining its abstract concepts and gestural roots. He continue to say, "I find that too many modern day 'folk art' designs are all about girls in bonnets and whimsical floral patterns that look like they were cut out of paper. That's the past. I want to approach the more utilitarian side of this genre and really bring it into a modern day context."

© Stefan Page
You can see more of Stefan's art on his website and on Facebook.

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