Thursday, May 10, 2012

Special Surtex 2012 Series – Exhibiting Artists

I started a Surtex count-down, just for fun; it's exciting! We have 10 days to the show and so much left to be done – I don't know about you, but I am a little bit on edge, getting my 20+ press kits done in addition to the binders and what not...but I am also looking forward to meeting many of you who will go to the show, to just walk it or to exhibit!

To continue in style with this special Surtex series, here are two artists who share inspirational words. Sharyn Sowell will be exhibiting in Booth 645 and doing demos whenever she's not showing her portfolio; attorney and artist Tamara Holland will debut at the show and you'll find her designs at Booth 464, represented by Montage Licensing.

Booth 645
contact: Sharyn Sowell

Booth 464
contact: Kimberly at Montage Licensing


Tamara Holland said...

Alex, thank you so much for including my art in your terrific run-up to Surtex set of posts. I love the way that you are highlighting folks -- really, really generous of you! Appreciating your kindness, and wishing you much luck at the show.

Heidi Rand said...

For those of us who can't go to Surtex, it's really great to get these bulletins from the front line. Love the artists you're profiling, and looking forward to following your live-tweets. Thanks!