Monday, July 2, 2012

A Global Collection - The Sisters Gulassa

© Sisters Gulassa
In a recent radio interview I expressed some personal views about trends and colors as a designer and licensing artist. I mentioned colors such as red and blue being a strong trend, as well as colorful geometrics with Asian influence and African motif trends with a twist of modern, specifically Moroccan influenced.

Here you'll find images that perfectly illustrate my points on colors, styles and trends designed by two stylish and trendy designers and artists, the Sisters Gulassa.

I met both Cyrille and Lise Gulassa at Surtex - I found them through their very colorful and unique press kit.

Sisters Gulassa is a design house offering an array of creative services centered around their love of mixing color and patterns. Their single goal for all their clients: "to WOW your customers!" With that in mind, they offer custom collections, creative direction, color, trend boards all aimed at capturing imagination!

Cyrille and Lise collaborate across continents to unite behind their namesake label, known for its exuberant prints and unique mixes. With backgrounds in fashion, art and advertising, including Design Directors for Levi Strauss & Co. and Saatchi & Saatchi, they have also lived, worked and exhibited their art, design and fashion internationally.

As avid travelers, they take much of their inspiration from their journeys; from native folk art to modern art, to the unique color palette of a place. Their work is inspired by looking backwards and forwards, combining the past and present to create unique prints.

While at Surtex this past May they launched their new Global collections: an exciting series of vibrant designs in their trademark pattern mix. Their motto: "let's travel together! We would love to talk to you about our projects and see how we can add the allure and delight you desire!"
Some of their clients are: GAP, Old Navy, Target, Converse, Paper Chase, and Clinique to name just a few.

Find Cyrille and Lise Gulassa at:

More of their artwork:

© Sisters Gulassa

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