Monday, August 27, 2012

The Inspirational World of Fine Art: Artist Elizabeth Tipton

This week has been very inspirational for me for a number of reasons. I have completed a series of collections for licensing but also experimented on a couple of fine art projects that are so exciting and refreshing! I am thinking to re-open an on-line shop soon and join a growing community of illustrators and fine art artists who also license their beautiful work. Etsy seems to be a favorite place.

Artist Elizabeth Tipton
Elizabeth Tipton is an American artist known for her lush florals and decorative patterns. She recently also opened a shop on Her original artwork has been licensed by leading manufacturers in the home decor, gift and stationery industry. She studied with John Collier at the University of Kansas and then continued on to a successful career as a commercial illustrator in St. Louis. She primarily works in oil, often transforming her imagery further using Photoshop. Now currently living in Nashville, she continues her painting and design and maintains her own website and blog.

The Moon from My Attic: What brought you to art in the first place? From a very young age I was good at drawing and painting and knew I wanted to be an artist. We moved around a lot and I was quite shy as a child. Making art was an escape from being in the real world. It was a way for me to create my own visual reality that comforted me.

© Elizabeth Tipton-"Be Strong and Colorful" (mixed media) 
TMFMA: What's exciting about your creative work? I love getting an idea, seeing something in my head and then trying to make it a visual reality. Lately the excitement has come from more process oriented work, not having a plan and seeing what imagery develops, what feels right and intuitive. This new process is more intellectually engaging for me. It feels more alive and immediate and keeps me in the moment.

TMFMA: Who has inspired you in your art journey? I love art history and took many courses in college. So I've always looked to artists from history to inspire me, but contemporary artists move me as well. Pierre Bonnard is probably the main artist I've gleaned the most inspiration from over the years, along with others like Schiele, Klimt, and Odilon Redon. 

© Elizabeth Tipton-"Frida Sun" and "Moroccan Begonias" both oil + PS
But I love Susan Rothenburg and other modern painters as well. It always comes down to emotional content, and their work resonates deeply with me.

TMFMA: Tell us about a recent project you'd like to share. I started a blog on my web site a little over a year and half ago.  Along with publishing sketchbook pages, photos from my life, and studio work, I made the decision to make a postcard each week and post it whether it was good or bad. I wanted to be vulnerable, to show that not everything comes out well. I also wanted to see what would develop over time, what imagery would surface. 

© Elizabeth Tipton - "Passion Flower", oil 
It's been a good exercise. I just posted my 71st postcard and I still look forward to making them each week.

TMFMA: Any other important info that you'd like to share about your art? In addition to making paintings again I recently signed a wall decor agreement and started an Etsy shop. I've also been designing websites for creative people. I love making them from an artist's perspective, rather than that of a designer's. They end up being visual worlds that are less cluttered, more artful. The response has been really wonderful and I find I like the balance of that work against the other imagery I'm making. 

© Elizabeth Tipton-"Dream"-oil pastel,
acrylic  + mixed media and PS 
I design facebook and blog banners too. It's very rewarding to help people visualize their dreams.

© Elizabeth Tipton-"Joy in Orange", oil and gold leaf on wood

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Merlin Greenberg said...

Great interview. Elizabeth's work is really beautiful and inspiring. I espeically love the Dream painting. Thanks for sharing!