Monday, September 17, 2012

Tell Us a Story: Artist Cathi Mingus

Do you sense the excitement of new beginnings, new opportunities lying just ahead in the warm and bright days of this Autumn? I do! And look out for upcoming posts, full of new perspectives and helpful tips from manufacturers, agents, and artists from around the globe!!

To celebrate I decided to publish a new series of posts about stories behind artists' art pieces. My little plane with banner for example was inspired by a story of when I was a kid and I used to go to the beach for summer. Little planes would fly around over us, dropping down little promotional gifts or products for kids and moms and everyone would run around trying to catch them. It was a fun time!

Cathi Mingus and her daughter Tory
Today we share a story by artist Cathi Mingus. She tells us the story behind her paintings:

"I've been illustrating professionally for the last 15 years (mostly children's projects). I recently got back to my first love (painting) and started a site showcasing my 'vintage inspired art...with a twist.' I opened an Etsy site in February to showcase some of my pieces. Vintage photos and personal items are something I've always felt drawn to. When my mother passed she left me all the family photos and I began to pour through them. I found some old yearbooks with tattered pages and scribbled messages.

I loved looking at these faces of the past and wondering what type of life they lived. My first painting was a huge yearbook inspired painting with faces and names of her classmates from the 40's. I felt a special connection to each person I painted. I began to paint people from the past, using old photos as inspiration. Recently, I've been asked to paint some personal pieces for people of their loved ones (using old photos as reference).

My collection of images tells a story of people who were here before us. Maybe it's not so much the story the paintings tell, but evoking a feeling of wanting to know what their stories are. Working on these paintings is a wonderful break from my digital children's work. This work is very personal to me and I hope you will enjoy it."

Cathi Mingus, aka Catherine Louise: "My Mysterious Past".  

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