Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Next Evolution of "The Moon From My Attic"

© Alex Colombo
Well, everyone, after a lot of soul-searching and long consideration, I've decided to add advertising to this blog. I love the interaction with all of you and especially enjoy sharing the stories of so many fine, talented artists and their journeys in the art licensing field. It truly has been a marvelous and unexpected experience to be a part of this community and provide exposure to so many wonderful people.

However, it has also started taking up increasing amounts of my and my editor's time. I know there could be some potential impacts with this step, so please please please let us know what you think of this evolution of the blog. Feel free to add a comment below or email us directly at and give us your thoughts and perspectives on the ads themselves as well as the re-designed layout to accommodate them.

© Alex Colombo
We are joining Google's AdSense program to do this, and I'm told that any and all ads that appear will be highly relevant to the subject of each blog article - so hopefully in many ways the ads themselves will also provide an extra value beyond the fabulous stories of the artists that we showcase.

Thanks for your many words of encouragement and your avid followership over this past year, and stay tuned for many more wonderful stories and insights into the world of art licensing - including, soon, interviews with manufacturers and retailers to get the other side of the art licensing story!

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