Thursday, November 15, 2012

Enchanting Watercolors by Artist Lisa Livoni

I have been researching out companies that are a match for my art and sprucing up my artwork presentation. Time consuming but necessary. I'll post one soon, once I work out all the details and make it exactly the way I want it.

In the meantime I want to show off the amazing work of Lisa Livoni, an artist whose work is done all in watercolors. I met her at one of our monthly local licensing meetings in Berkeley. She was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and she developed a serious interest in art as a child; she attributes some of her early creative influences to extensive travel which included three years of living in Japan and attending classes at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

She studied at the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, California, receiving a fine arts degree in graphic design and illustration which led to opening a design studio in San Francisco.

Artist Lisa Livoni
Her development of corporate identities, packaging and wine label design introduced her to the Napa Valley where she eventually moved in 1988. After twenty years of designing she returned to her first love of drawing and painting. Lisa has a passion for painting color, light and texture and believes in using white space to encourage the viewer to use their own imagination.

Lisa tells us: "I am a watercolorist who paints in a representational style using a lot of white space. I try to focus on the essence of what I see in nature and to paint the feelings it creates within me."

© Lisa Livoni

She also adds: "My art is mainly of flowers, fruit and vegetables and I try to focus on capturing their personalities and interpreting them in paint and trying to create dynamic forms and composition."

© Lisa Livoni

Drawing is an important part of her painting - the foundation is there only as a structure, not to be formally adhered to but rather to add another dimension of interest and personality." I work a lot with a wet in wet technique to keep the colors clean and clear and let the colors mix on the paper. I use the best red sable brushes and Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper."

© Lisa Livoni

Lisa also shares some insights on being an artist: "An artist has a way of noticing the hidden detail, a glimpse of the soul, and if they are fortunate to see it, feel it, it can pass through them into their work. That is what is exciting about painting every day. My main source of inspiration is the beauty in nature, I am drawn to the perfection of form and color which is why I paint flowers, fruit and vegetables - the possibilities are infinite."

© Lisa Livoni

She is currently painting for several upcoming shows and working on a large commission piece. Lisa hasn't had any art licensing experience yet but she says, "I am certainly open to exploration. It is an area that interests me a great deal."

© Lisa Livoni

Her future goals? "They are to reach a greater audience with my art, to continue painting large scale pieces and working on commissions with interior designers, perhaps designing textiles, china or linens - I am open."

You can find more of Lisa's beautiful art here:


Unknown said...

This comment was shared in another forum so I am re-posting it for Lisa - "I really enjoyed the free, vibrant nature of Lisa’s watercolors. Also the designed nature of her compositions that are representational, but much more of an adventure. Thank you." Ron H.

Jill Meyer said...

Your painting style is exciting, and your colors are simply gorgeous! Wow! Thanks Alex for bringing us this magnificent artist!