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An Art Licensing True Story: Crowd-Funding Indiegogo Campaign and Surtex - by Dari Design Studio

"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working." ~ Pablo Picasso. I thought this quote was quite appropriate to introduce two very dynamic sisters and artists: Dariela and Dariana of Dari Design Studio.

Dariela graduated as a graphic designer in Venezuela. After that she worked as a junior designer, senior designer and art director in the corporate world in Venezuela, Mexico City and Los Angeles. Dariana has a B.A. in advertising and marketing in Venezuela and worked as a marketing and graphic designer for several companies in Venezuela, Mexico City and Los Angeles. Both sisters were always involved with art and design: "Both of our parents are architects and we were taken to a museum pretty much every weekend of our lives when we were growing up."

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They both co-founded Folklore Eye in 2006 and then rebranded it to Dari Design Studio in 2010 to provide more ample services for the graphic design industry. They describe their designs as eye-catching. "We have developed a portfolio of a variety of innovative designs that reflect our multi-cultural influences crossed with the modern trends of today. We describe our style as modernly eclectic and sometimes cute busy. We think our designs hold the potential to develop into a unique brand yet still converge into today's audience demands." And they also add: "Our theme is we have no theme, the range of things that you can see reflected in our work is so crazy and unrelated that we might call it the universe theme. One day we are obsessed with a specific trend and the next day we are inspired by ballons or frogs or buildings or galaxies. It's kind of hard for us to stick with one thing."

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They create all their work in Photoshop and Illustrator. They sometimes draw with pencil or paint and then scan and play with it. Some other times they create their work only digitally.

"Here at DDS we want to inspire you to follow your wildest dreams. To think infinite possibilities and to use our passionate business journey to motivate you to live your LIFE like no one else. We hope our bright designs fill your life with color and boldness, sparks and uniqueness. We also offer innovative classes. They are created with you in mind to keep you inspired, up to date and ready to succeed! We shine when we can help your business shine, and this is why we do what we do!"

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So I asked them what inspires them - Dariana says: "In general I'm inspired by nature, especially animals and flowers. I love to be inspired by patterns and bright compositions. The mix of vintage and modern and all sort of eye candy get me really high into creative skys. I got used to work with an inspiration board where I mix some or all current trends I like. Dariela adds: "I am inspired by design, art and photography and by everyday life's moments. Sometimes I see a design draw itself in my mind just by watching my kids play or after admiring how the light comes in and shines on some objects, on some flowers or on people. Sometimes a delicious treat I'm eating  inspires me appreciate the moment so much I feel like designing with that treat as a subject."

© Dari Design Studio
Dariana and Dariela will be exhibiting at Surtex 2013 and they are passionately working on developing their portfolio for their debut. "We are new to SURTEX and our journey has been very special so far. We created a crowd-funding campaign to raise funds for our SURTEX journey and many people have supported us." They have so far collected about $3000 between their Indiegogo campaign and private donors to sponsor their trip. They wrote a blog post about their inspiring campaign fundraising experience, which I invite you to read.

You can also read more about their progress here: www.daridesignstudio.com/surtex

"We are just getting started on licensing design, so our experience is almost zero. Dariana has had more experience since she has a three year background in the gift and stationery licensing industry. Many of her collections have been best sellers. She has also worked with an agent in the past and many of her designs have already been selected for different products. We would love to have our designs on stationary, bedding, kitchenwares and many more surfaces. Surtex is our launching trade show but we are prepared to rock many trade shows for years to come. Our main goal this year is to succeed at Surtex, which means to reach out to the industry and let them know who we are and what we can do for them. Within that same goal is to plan for Surtex 2014 and prepare a strong and steady foundation to keep in this long-term investment industry."

You can find out more about Dariela and Dariana here:

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