Friday, May 10, 2013

Special Surtex 2013 Series – Exhibiting Artists

There are nine days to Surtex and today is the last and final day for posting Surtex promos. I originally planned on 30 pieces but I think we happily surpassed that number. I want to thank you all again for reading my blog and for participating in this colorful and fun parade - I hope you enjoyed seeing these amazing artists!

However, starting tomorrow (Saturday), we are going to post only a brief preview of my Surtex work until we are through with the show. We are down to the last few details to get ready for it and have run out of time to do anything else!

If you are going to be at the show you're welcome to come by my booth 446 and say hi if I am not with a client. I will be sharing a couple of special surprises that I hope you'll enjoy - see you soon!

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