Friday, May 24, 2013

The Surtex 2013 Show Series Preview

We just came back from the Surtex show which has been one more step in this amazing journey for us! The debut of studio•Alex couldn't have been more thrilling and fun!

We are preparing a series of posts about our exciting experience and will post the first segment very soon. Here is the rough legend of what the series will be:
  • Part 1 - The Surtex Show 2013, The Work Just Started!
  • Part 2 - NSS 2013, What Sales People Say About the Marketplace
  • Part 3 - The Amazing Artists We Met at Surtex
  • Part 4 - Reflections On Our Licensing Journey So Far

So be a little more patient while we gather up our thoughts and look out for our first post on Monday!

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