Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Art Licensing International Agencies: Iris Parizer of Ginja Licensing and Marketing, Israel

I have been exploring the many avenues related to art and licensing, including the ones about international markets - I am fascinated about the range of possibilities to license or sell art around the globe. I myself just recently signed up with an agency that will represent me in Japan and Asia. And while I will continue to represent myself in the U.S., I am looking to find a competent agent for Europe as well.

So with this blog post I am expanding my vistas and interviews to agents outside the U.S. and am pleased to introduce today Iris Parizer from Israel.

The Moon From My Attic: Please introduce yourself and tell us what you do - My name is Iris Parizer of Ginja Licensing and Marketing, a licensing agency based in Israel representing a wide yet unique range of lifestyle, design and art brands from all over the world.

I have nearly 20 years of experience in sales and media marketing, including 12 years exclusively dedicated to licensing. I am passionate about the potential of licensing in Israel; it's nearly a new market where the possibilities for growth and success are without limits at this early development stage. I combine extensive experience with creative thinking and dedicated, high-energy service to both my artists and business clients.

TMFMA: How's the licensing market in Israel? The most popular licensing brands in Israel are the entertainment and TV brands for kids; they receive the most attention and revenues from licensees and customers. In the last two years there has been an increasing attention and demand for non-TV brands that last longer and can reach a vast audience of buyers, as companies better understand that licensing can work well also for adults and that the potential is  great. Israel is a small territory, however it is very up to date with modern technologies and is innovative in many ways. We have all the major international brands and licensing is developing and increasing.

TMFMA: As an art licensing agent, what's your standard way to find a new artist? An art licensing agent has to be curious and love the art and design world. One can find the next great artist in trade shows, licensing magazines, art blogs, Facebook or even in interesting galleries and museums. Not every talented designer and artist can do licensing work as it requires not only talent but also the will to make your art commercial so that it fits products, plus hard work.

TMFMA: When you view an artist's work, what are the key elements you look for? The process is not scientific; it is a mix of liking the art coupled with both aesthetic and practical thinking. Can these designs can be implemented on products? Are the icons and images suitable to the territory in which they are targeted? As for colors and design, do they reflect the experience and success of the artist? And last but not the least, it there the proper chemistry with the artist - is there a good personal and business connection.

TMFMA: What's the worst error a new artist can make in looking for an agent? A major mistake is taking an agent that has no affinity and basic understanding in art, design and aesthetic. I can say that my design and art experience is of great assistance in my relationships with my artists.

TMFMA: What's you view of the current market and trends? What works really well now - and you can see it all over the international markets - is the vintage style with lots of flowers prints in all colors and patterns; fresh and happy designs are in demand and maybe it's  a way to say "we want a better world." :)

TMFMA: How do you see the future of licensing? I believe that licensing will develop into additional categories and territories (Russia, Eastern Europe, etc.) that are not currently well known in the industry. New companies will license product categories like electronic goods and homeware that have not been licensed before, such as refrigerators, ovens, wall decorations, cooking tools and gadgets, etc. The competition is increasing and companies as well as licensees have to give their best in the marketing of their goods. An option to be unique and stand out from others is to produce products with exciting licensed designs and art.

TMFMA: What other useful tips can you give to new artists starting out in this field of licensing? Prepare and present a good and interesting design style, work hard at it and don't be hasty. One of the most important issues to build and organize collections and design styles that can be used in a variety of categories. Publish your art in blogs, FB, and magazines and always keep updated with the licensing world - its news, new products and trends. Be open minded and flexible to changes and demands from the licensees that manufacture the products with your art on them. Refresh your collections and design style at list once a year and prepare good and exciting marketing presentations that present your designs and talents to the licensing world!

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