Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thoughts on Surtex from a Newbie - Artist Ming Platt

I want to welcome artist Ming Platt as part of our editing team here at The Moon from My Attic! We also invited her to come to Surtex this past May and help us with the show. She graciously agreed and it was a delight to have her as part of our team at studio•Alex. Ming has been doing wonderful design work for us in the background while she builds up her own portfolio and website from her studio in Seattle.

Here are her thoughts about the show:

Artist Ming Platt
"I think I have always been an artist, it is a fundamental part of who I am. It colors my earliest memories and has shaped many of my life experiences. But, I am brand new to this industry of surface design and the idea of creating art for licensing. My experience at the Surtex trade show for the first time this year was a pure whirlwind of wonderment and eye-opening delight! It was my first real glimpse into the dynamic world of art licensing. I am hooked!"

Ming also says: "It is easy to feel overwhelmed - the hum of energy on the show floor and the incredible display of beautiful work from some of the industry's best artists is humbling to say the least. But, I felt that it was also extremely empowering to see what is possible. Every artist had worked their hardest, given their all, and paid dearly just to be there. But to feel the energy, the bustle of activity - all of the agents and artists, retailers and manufacturers forging new relationships and making meaningful connections was a real light-bulb moment. It was like, 'Ah-ha! This is where it all happens!'."

"I came away from the experience energized, enriched, and excited to experience a part of this thriving and dynamic industry," Ming adds. "Most of all, I was delighted by the sense of community and the good-will between artists that I experienced - it was so wonderful to see! It was such a treat to meet all of the artists and followers of The Moon From My Attic blog who stopped by studio•Alex's booth to say hello. The friendships that were created with our booth neighbors and other fellow exhibitors made the entire hectic process of setting-up and exhibiting such a fun and positive experience."
Here are a few tips from Ming for other artists who are walking Surtex (or any other trade show) for their first time:

1. Do your research before you go to the show and take the opportunity to visit and connect with agents that you might be interested in working with as well as manufacturers over at the NSS show that resonate with you and your style.

2. Make a good impression and always practice professionalism and good show etiquette! Alex has a great post with more tips about this here:

3. Allow the experience to enrich you, but not necessarily to directly inspire you. Your work should be special and unique and you want to ensure that you build your own personal brand and presence. Always look within yourself for your creative spark and find inspiration in what brings you joy.

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