Thursday, August 1, 2013

Creativity and the Artists Behind our Doodle Board

There seems to be an explosion of excitement about eCourses, eMags & eBooks, art retreats/camps, workshops and editorials that teach about painting, creativity and styles - how to become a successful you, or how to find your true creativity and style, and so on. So many options in fact that it makes it impossible not to find something interesting to sign up for!

I am having a great time doing my own thing, you know, taking some time to explore new tricks and passions. My latest one has been to hand paint on linen. It was a pretty spontaneous experiment that has caught me by surprise, it is so fun!

Love Bouquet Collection - © Alessandra Colombo

So I'm learning that it is absolutely best to focus on creating art that makes me happy - not just in the final product, but also in the act of creating itself. I'm also learning that exploring my creativity means that I may have to pass on some manufacturers who I love and admire but I know are not the right fit for that art.

It makes me really happy to share stories and tips from this great community of artists as I move along on my art and licensing journey and I hope to share more about blogging and marketing as I have learned a lot about it in the past couple of years. I do have a big surprise in the works and can't wait to share it, I hope by the end of the year - meantime I want to thank you for your continued and amazing support, it makes this journey much more pleasurable!

As promised, although with a bit of a delay, I am publishing the names and links of all the artists that stopped at my booth at Surtex and left their magic doodle on our Artist Doodle Board! It took me a while to get this list together because I had to find all the business cards and postcards connected with the names. Some I wasn't able to locate so if you know you are one of the artists without name, please email me and I will add you in!

Stephanie Ryan -

Carol Van Zandt -

Dianne Woods -

Patty Gay -

Cindy Lindgren -

Mark Gonyea -

Ming Platt -

Pim Pimlada -

Christine Kerrick -

Leah Hoelscher -

Michelle Baker -

Audrey Hopkins -

Cherish Flieder -

Karen M. Beers - no website yet

Elizabeth Golz Rush -

Mittie Cuetara -

Sarah Hudock -

Jessica Sporn -

Alisha Wilson -

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