Monday, September 9, 2013

Personalization Is Key: Solid Line Products & Their Stylish Keka Cases

I live in the San Francisco Bay area and love it! 

It's a beautiful region and San Francisco is one of the most inspiring cities on the globe. I feel lucky that I get to work in such an artistic and picturesque environment. I also feel lucky to have entered in a licensing partnership with Solid Line Products/Keka cases ~ such fun people!

As a little background, in the summer of 2010 they launched the original iPad keyboard case. While that was making news, they were quietly perfecting what would become the Keka™ case – a fully customizable hardcover case for all iPad models, Kindle, and the Kindle Fire.

Their goal with the Keka was to create an iPad and Kindle case that is so beautiful that you'll want one to match your every mood or your outfit. The only way they could do that was by creating a canvas that would unleash a designer's creativity.

Part of what I like about this licensing partnership is that their products are Made in America. This is idea of being made in the U.S. is not just a trend, it's also a statement of quality. Growing up in Europe, I always loved the Made in the U.S.A. label but now that so much manufacturing has turned to other countries it's hard to find the authentic domestic-made products that I so much sought after.

So here it is, my latest collections for Keka cases for all walks and styles - see, you can buy one for every day of the week! And, be sure to tell your friends...!

'Bo & Gigi'

© 2013 Alessandra Colombo ~ Keka™ case


© 2013 Alessandra Colombo ~ Keka™ case

'Eveline's Dream'

© 2013 Alessandra Colombo ~ Keka™ case 

'Milano Chevron'

© 2013 Alessandra Colombo ~ Keka™ case

Here's the whole collection:

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