Sunday, October 6, 2013

Brief Tips & Tricks in Art Licensing

The quest for new clients outside trade shows has been an intriguing experience and more challenging than I expected when I first started. I have been reading Tara Reed's very handy and informative eBook "How to Find, Interact and Work with Manufacturers who License Art" as well as other books about selling and marketing my art.

I asked Maria Brophy what she thought of this question: What does marketing and sales have to do with art licensing? I thought what she said was spot on:

"When securing new licensees for your art, you are selling to them. You're selling your art, and you're also selling yourself. People like to do business with people they like. So, while I strongly advise artists to be professional and business minded, I also think it's important to be a pleasure to work with.

More importantly, Selling is never about what YOU want, it's always about what's best for your client. So when you have discussions with a potential client or buyer, spend 90% of your time finding out what's important to them, what problems they have, what needs they have. You do this by asking a lot of questions and by caring and listening really well. Then, strategize and find a way to solve their problems and give them what they need. There, it's all about them. If you can do that, then you can sell!"

Maria Brophy, CEO / Consultant
Representing the art of Drew Brophy

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