Thursday, November 20, 2014

Oil Painting - Plein Air Painter Kelly Medford

In recent weeks I traveled to Rome and got to immerse myself in the rhythm of that ancient city for a few days - far too short of a time for such a grand city but still enough to get inspired and reconnect with fine art.

It was equally enjoyable to connect up with Kelly Medford, an American plein air painter living in Italy since 2005. She paints daily and teaches sketchbook journaling. Kelly is also the founder and leader of Sketching Rome Tours.

Artist Kelly Medford


© Kelly Medford


© Kelly Medford

YOU REALLY LOVE: Riding my bike.

© Kelly Medford

YOU DON'T REALLY LIKE: Being indoors all day.

© Kelly Medford

A FAVORITE SOMETHING: Pentalic watercolor sketchbook.

© Kelly Medford

A SUCCESSFUL EVENT IN YOUR LIFE: Being the first foreigner to win 1st place at one of the most prominent plein air paint-outs in Italy.

© Kelly Medford

A FUN MEMORY: Spending my 30th birthday in Granada, Spain
with complete strangers and having a fabulous time.

YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO THE WORLD: Inspiring others to create art and explore their creativity.

THE NEXT CHAPTER IN YOUR PROFESSIONAL LIFE: To expand sketching Rome tours and urban sketching in Italy.

© Kelly Medford

SOMETHING HELPFUL TO ANOTHER ARTIST: Work everyday and accept where you are while always working toward
a vision of your own personal definition of greatness.

Find out more about Kelly's inspiring paintings and classes here:

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