Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Social Networking & Fun Websites for Artists

I recently got to find out about an interesting website through Marie Stile, a fine art artist
who has been exhibiting her art on Art In Embassies: "Established by the United States Department of State in 1964, the ART In Embassies Program is a global museum that exhibits original works of art by U.S. citizens in the public rooms of approximately 180 American diplomatic residences worldwide. These exhibitions, with art loaned from galleries, museums, individual artists, and corporate and private collections, play an important role in our nation's public diplomacy. They provide international audiences with a sense of the quality, scope, and diversity of American art and culture through the accomplishments of some of our most important citizens, our artists" their mission statement.

Marie Stile's painting
Here are some additional potentially useful website for artists who like to share or sell their art online, or just like to have some fun with graphic fonts and prints. While I don't endorse any of them, I find some interesting and worth exploring as fun networking tools. 

I'll update this list as I go, so keep tuned for more!

Want to Network & Promote Your Art, Blog, Website? (artist online communities, portfolios, how-to's editorials, and more...)
Fun Websites!
TartanMaker - NEW!
aviary - NEW!

Albums, Cook Books & Blogs Printing:

Fabrics, Pattern, Window Shades & Shirts Printing:

Creative Graphic Fonts:
MyFonts - NEW!
FontSquirrel - NEW!

Promotional Tools:

Online Shops:                                               

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ming said...

Thanks Alex, what a great post! I will have to check out some of these! :)