Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tascha and Modi - A Unique Inspiration

Modigliani - Print on canvas
Amadeo Modigliani has always been my favorite Italian artist and has inspired me since I was little. My mother had a beautiful reproduction of one of his paintings in our family room. Last year, I re-discovered his talent through a unique exhibit of his greatest works in Milan. Shortly thereafter, I ran into his most famous paintings in several other exhibits. Modi, his favorite nickname, seemed to be everywhere! I even found a flick called "Modigliani", with Andy Garcia. Great movie and examples of his fantastic art! Finally, I bought a print on canvas of one of his charming portraits.

Tascha is a contemporary artist from Toronto, Canada. Her paintings are very whimsical and vivacious. She also draws inspiration from Modigliani. Here's an exclusive interview with the artist:

3 black cats portrait - © Tasca
1. The Moon from My Attic: your paintings are very unique and whimsical! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your art? Hello! I'm an self representing artist living in downtown Toronto Canada. I have been selling my art online since 2001. I began with eBay, and then when Etsy started up I joined there also. I love meeting other artists and collectors from all over the world. Being self representing, I can have total control over what art I want to make. I create something and put it out there, I don't have any pressures of what an art director or gallery owner might want. I just do whatever I feel like and hope that people can relate to it. Most of my art would be considered too "cutesy" for the regular gallery scene and that is okay with me. I like being free to be myself.

2. TMFMA: The colors in your paintings are so vibrant and fun! What is exciting about your creative work? Color is really important to me. I strongly believe that your mood can be influenced by color. I like making my paintings bright and colorful because they give the impression of a bright sunny day with colorful flowers. A feel-good day. Bright colors also bring you back to your childhood when everything was fun and happy.

Frida Kahlo and the blue dog - © Tascha
3. TMFMA: What's you favorite medium or tool you create with? My favorite medium would have to be acrylic paint. I love the immediate gratification of doing a painting in acrylic and having it be dry and on the wall within an hour.

4. TMFMA: Tell us of a fun and creative project or a collaboration, and what you learned from it. Every year I participate in the "Toronto Square Foot Art Show". The show has hundreds of artists in it, all painting on a one foot by one foot size canvas. The walls of the gallery are covered in paintings in a grid pattern. It is so interesting to see everyone's ideas of how to handle the one foot square canvas.

5. TMFMA: Is there a person or thing that has influenced you in your artistic efforts? What inspires you? My cats in my life have always been of great inspiration to me. I also love all things cute and child like. Bright colored candy and cute toys. I also love Picasso and Modigliani, a lot of my portrait work has been inspired by them.

Valentine's strings of heart - © Tascha
6. TMFMA: What are your future aspirations and goals? I would love to open a gallery shop someday. A shop with all unique gift items and crafts with paintings on the wall. That would be so much fun I think.

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